Monday, May 18, 2015

Entering and LEAVING


There are many principles in life that are unchangeable, regardless of ones opinion toward them they will not change.

  • Seed time and Harvest
  • Life and Death
  • Night and Day

Wise people have learned that certain rules apply to life, (and living within those rules) allow us to prosper and succeed.

Principles are unchangeable and reward those who plan accordingly

Take the principle and LAW of GRAVITY. 

Whether we believe it or not, those that choose to ignore it, will fall prisoner to its law. In by-gone years, there were those that knew it existed. but were unable to go beyond it.
The early pioneers of flight, discovered that imitating a bird was no solution to being airborne

We now know that in order to WORK WITH gravity, we need to apply another law, the law of "Aerodynamics".
Aerodynamics does not ignore or surpass gravity, it merely operates within IT'S unchanging law.

Life too, has many such principles. Like gravity, they aren't necessarily seen. but they are there. IGNORE them at your peril.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, 'Knowing truth is insufficient', we must apply it. Put skin on it!

Truth is like soap, unless we get it wet and apply it, we will still stink. Regardless of knowing the truth of what soap can do, Knowledge brings awareness, whereas wisdom applies it.

One principle I have endeavored to apply to my life on a daily basis is the principle of Entering and Leaving.

The way in which we LEAVE a situation (job, marriage, relationship, investment, conversation, etc), sets the tone by which we ENTER the next process.

In my years of people counseling, this truth is all too true.

One enters a marriage with high hopes and positive expectations, yet when breakdowns occur, may well leave with disillusionment, anger, bitterness and resentment. The tragedy of many a failed relationship is seen in the baggage that goes with one into the next.

The same can be said of failed relationships in the work place or business arena. The way we leave, is just as important as the way we enter. One can change country, relationships and organisations, and yet still enter the next opportunity carrying the pain of past. Unless we proactively deal with failure positively, we are destined to repeat the cycle again and again and again. Pretty soon, we have fashioned a principle of sowing and reaping which forms part of our character.

In my coaching practice I use a simple diagnostic tool for client self evaluation, (prior to defining a systematic strategy) which recognises and replaces restrictive habit patterns we adopt when entering and leaving.

1. Life Story - 

(Take a snapshot of ones daily routines and behaviour towards family, friends, associates and stress)

2. Ability -  

(Evaluate skill set and talents in regard to gettings things done with positive outcomes)

3. Synergy - 

(The hidden "like-ability" that takes teams and partnerships beyond the norm and achieve beyond the norm)

4. Loading  - 

(The ability to carry weight, responsibility and initiate in all manner of situations)

5. Commitment - 

(When the going gets tough - its fight or flight. Commitment is shown at ALL times)

6. Investment  -

(Ownership defines ones personal responsibility, a partner has a stake in the relationship)

There is an old saying that goes like this:

"What goes around comes around" or "What you sow, you also reap". 

These are not JUST SAYINGS, they are part of the "Hidden Principles" that effect our life daily, (often without even being aware of them).

Imagine how powerful, we would live our lives if we not only KNEW about these principles, but lived by them?

Next time we are faced with ENTERING or LEAVING a situation, why not take note on how you instinctively respond to the challenge. After all, awareness is the basis of change.

In Part two of Entering and Leaving, I will share some key strategies in effecting lasting changes in the way we ENTER and LEAVE.