Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Success Keys or Keys to Success - You Choose!

Success Keys or Keys to Success, you choose! 
Over the years, I have sat in more conferences, church meetings, training sessions, coaching clinics and read enough books to draw some conclusions my self. So here are 12 keys which I have gleaned from all the sages put together, just for you:
Part 1 Keys 1 - 4
1. Set specific goals and action steps, and write them down.
The single most important step in getting somewhere is knowing where you're going and having a plan for getting there. Your goals have to be written out, and so does your plan. Be specific, date each goal and each step on your action plan. Then follow it. Remember a goal MUST be measurable (time, date, outcome, and what will the finish look like)
2. Read and review your goals daily.
This one could change your life. Keep your goals in front of you. Always know what you plan to do next. And always take the action your plan calls for. Review your goals, review your plan, change them as necessary, and stay with it. It only takes two or three minutes each morning to read your goals and glance over your plans. You're going to spend the next 24 hours that day doing something; you might as well be doing something that counts.
3. Set daily priorities.
Put plans in sand and goals in concrete - IN OTHER WORDS, things that may need to be re-arranged need to be placed "fluidly" whereas things that must be FIXED (immovable) need to be "set in concrete".
Your goals and action plan will tell you what to do. Next, put your priorities in order. If you make a list, keep it short. If you use a journal, calendar or project management tool, great satisfaction can be achieved when it is stricken off the list. Remember to keep in perspective, the line down the middle of the highway, is to keep you on track, not to feel bad if you cross it.
4. Change your old programs by learning new Self-Talk.
Renewing the mind is essential. Garbage in, garbage out. "Once you act on the junk, your sunk." A thought becomes an actions, and action becomes a habit, a habit becomes a lifestyle and a lifestyle is what you've become! STOP it at thought level, then re-programme your thinking with a more "can do, shouldn't do" model.
Get rid of any old mental programs that could be holding you back. Listen to Self-Talk, practice it, and get it right. Your programs will determine whether you reach your goal or not.