Monday, November 19, 2018

Promote what you love

What we focus on becomes who we are.
The way we view situations has a significant impact on how we respond to them. Focus on something in a negative way, and the situation is compounded. Focus on something positively and options are realised.
There are those who see the glass half empty, those who see it as being half full, and those that see no glass at all.
We call this perspective, and perspective has a powerful impact on how we respond.
If we always do things in the same way, we should never expect to get a different result each time. To change the reaction, we have to change the action.

The term “Garbage in, garbage out”, is a true definition of a comparable REACTION based on a comparable ACTION.
There are some powerful keys necessary to change our perception:
1. Don’t use a hammer to crack a peanut

Many people just crash through life like a bulldozer. Anything in the way becomes a target. Using a hammer on a peanut, will do the job, but there’s nothing left to eat. As a chef I learned early on, that every knife has a particular job, and using the right tool gets the right result. Not every comment needs a response, and not every situation need your input. Sometimes the best response is no response.

2. Centralise your thinking around the good stuff

Peter pan found his “happy place”. Some years ago, I learned a truth from a friend of mine, who oversaw multiple projects and thousands of people. In the midst of a crisis, a member of staff stormed into his office with (according to them), an urgent problem. My friend’s response to them, was “that’s not a today problem”. Good management requires good timing, and a clear focus. Before diving into a new problem, spend time considering past successes.

3. Never react intentionally. Respond thoughtfully.

The only time we need to react is if we are in the path of a truck. Otherwise, consider the options and outcomes before a response. Reacting out of emotion will only inflame the situation. 
Never send an important email in anger. 
Never post a thoughtless comment on social media, 
and never let your frustration be evident in your language.

None of these reaction will improve the situation, in fact on the contrary, you will likely have further issues to deal with.
4. Filter all your input before accepting it as finite

All our actions are filtered through our emotions. If past emotions are part of a negative experience, it will likely flavour and colour our opinion. 
Some of those opinions will betray us, and others will enslave our thinking. The conversation of the “inner man” is our key counsellor. No amount of external information will change our “inner counsellor” until we teach it a new language. 
The language of love.

Disappointment has many children, but only one father – unrealistic expectations. 

In the search for new perspective, we need to start promoting what we love and quit bashing what we hate. Not only will it bring empowerment, but a healthy new perspective. Criticism is never constructive, critical thinking is. By thinking through a problem, we then respond with postivie solutions. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why Lessons Repeat Themselves.
Repetition is the way of life.
  • In learning, repetition enforces understanding and then application.
  • In behaviour, repetition reveals strengths and weaknesses
  • In relationships, repetition provides opportunities to grow 
  • In life repetition deals with character and attitude

The one constant in life is change and the pivotal point in change is our response to it.
Life has a way of repeating lessons until our response in mastering it becomes second nature.
In fact, it has been said that life is the only classroom where the test is given before the lesson. We learn primarily through testing; how often we take that test, depends on how quickly we learn the lesson.
The hallmark of maturity is whether we "respond" or "react". Life events, have a way of building us up or tearing us down, the way we respond, (and what we learn from the situation) determines how often we need to take the lesson again.
  • If you want to understand how a person remains so patient in adversity, take a snap-shot of their life. I guarantee they will have faced trial upon trial, suffered majour disappointments and loss.
  • If you want to understand why a person is so content, consider they're past losses, lack of privilege, possessions or times of lack.
  • If you want to understand why a person is compassionate towards the terminally ill and suffering; ask about their personal losses, bereaved loved ones and personal suffering.
Some of the greatest lessons learned in life, have been revealed in times of extreme hardship and personal loss. Those lessons which often repeat themselves, do so, not to inflict further pain, but to create in us a greater capacity to help those yet to be tested in a similar way.
I can't recall just how many funerals, casualty wards, hospices, or bereavement centres I have attended. I often ask myself why? but have learned some fundamental factors in such testing times:
1. Unlike taking a test in college, in life; there isn't always an answer to the question
2. Passing the test of life, does not exclude one from sitting it again and again!
3. The one test which we all re-sit daily; is ATTITUDE....
4. The test is never the problem, its our response to it
5. If you think you've passed a particular subject, get ready for the new revised version, it's currently under review, and on its way to you, in plain brown packaging.
The one sure permanency in life is change. Are you ready for life 101?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nearly Paleo


"Diets don't work"

A paleo lifestyle is only as effective as the application and daily maintenance of the philosophy. If there isn’t a comprehensive grasp (revelation) in the cost benefits of eating healthy, a long term (lifetime) benefit is unlikely.

It starts with WHY the lifestyle is necessary, and finishes with WHAT we DO about it?

All this culminates in the items we purchase and consume on a daily basis:

· Whole raw organic fruits

· Tree nuts

· Vegetables

· Meats

· Fish and Shellfish

So what are the benefits of increasing raw fruits and vegetables into our diet?

  • Cooking depletes vitamin and mineral contents significantly, particularly enzymes which are destroyed. Hence raw foods are better quality, and more nutritionally enriched. 
  • Cooking also damages proteins and fats, and enzymes which aid digestion. 
  • Raw foods increases satisfaction, improves energy needs and provides our daily fiber needs.
  • Raw foods are packed full of natural sugars, salts and flavonoids, which minimise artificial additives. One of the reasons processed foods are packed full of additives, is due to the destruction of natural flavours, and keeping qualities. Our body is designed to deal with natural by-products, not chemically induced products. 
  • The time saved in long drawn out cooking processes, is a precious advantage in eating raw. As a trained chef, I have spent years in complicated and skilfull techniques. These days, I appreciate the skill, but have adopted a more reasonable and enlightened approach, and my body appreciates my change by healing itself.
  • Prior to adopting this philosophy, my rubbish bin would spill over on weekly collection, whereas now, I need collection once every 2-3 weeks, and even then the bin isn’t full. Why? I use less packaging, less containers, less waste, less processed foods, therefore less garbage to recycle.
  • The weekly shopping bill has reduced significantly whilst the quality of diet has increased. Also, a reduction in power bills, cooking oils, sauces, and a more informed attitude to the products that I choose at the store. Also less trips to the store, saves on fuel and stress. What’s more, the use of the compost bin has declined as almost the entire product is used, fresh daily
  • Perhaps the greatest benefit is noticeable in my health:

 I have seen a reversal of type 2 diabetes

 Attained my goal weight in under a year

 Maintain my goal weight on a daily basis

 Have no desire for supplementary or binge eating

 My general health and appearance has improved

 All blood levels are normal and well balanced

 Medical intervention and doctors’ visits are on a need basis only

An increased use of raw foods in one’s diet, reduces the risk of diseases, colds and flu, as well as improving the body’s ability to deal with stress and pollutants.

Life is all about balance, and as long as you use the appropriate rules of hygiene during storage and preparation, your body will appreciate the way you nurture it. Keep a diary of the foods you eat and any noticeable effects the changes have on you, a simple adjustment in your daily routine will reap all the rewards.

FINALLY - Paleo is FREE, although there are people who profit from the lifestyle, YOU are in control of what, when, where and how you purchase your foods! No sign up fees, no branded clothing, expensive commercials or subscriptions (unless you choose). Paleo is a lifestyle choice.

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