Sunday, October 26, 2014

Preferable Future

A preferable Future

“People are fed by the food industry, which pay no attention to health and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food”.

The problem today is we rarely eat real food, but a substitute for it. I don’t believe approaching food from a dietary point of view works long term! Why? Because diets are always restrictive and as human beings we don’t appreciate restrictions of any proportion.

For too long, we have trusted (without question), the advice that the scientific and health community has told us. We have entered a “faith” relationship with them, similar to that which was once reserved for the church. As they preach their gospel from (untested truth at worst and evolutionary discovery at best), we the hearers, take heed as if it were the panacea of all life. Truth is, it’s not.  

We stopped eating fat, and turned to “fat free” and “reduced fat” foods, (Only to see manufacturers substitute the fat with sugar). We stopped eating eggs and proteins due to cardiac warnings. 

We drink over $100billion worth of water a year (a free resource) and billions of litres of “spring” water (in plastic bottles which contain the toxic bis-phenol-A (BPA) supposedly because  76% of us are “continually dehydrated”.

We turn to sugared water as a means of improving ones image (energy and fitness) and that market was worth $37billion in 2012), with a net growth exponentially of 13% per anum.
Or we could buy a gym membership, and concentrate on health and fitness (estimated to be a global brand of $1 TRILLION by 2017) or we can jog 10 kilometres a day, invest in exercise equipment ($3.5 billion per year in 2013 for USA alone!) the list goes on and on, yet the moment someone talks about a paleo lifestyle, all the scientists and nutritionist’s, creep out of the woodwork with their biased and industry funded “warnings”.

The W.H.O. estimates that diabetes will increase world wide by 30-34% globally in 2013. Presently the cost to health boards around the world is (ID is international dollars) ID$418 billion with a projected increase between ID$490.1 billion and ID$890 Billion by 2030. (economic impact report)

My question is this?

Who is going to pay for these costs (both financially and health wise)? It is YOU and I! 

The food manufacturer has paid their dues in the form of taxes to their respective governments. The pharmaceutical companies have paid their dues (in the form of taxes to their respective governments). Our governments, scientists and nutritionists will blame something else and move on. (Remember the tobacco lobbyists)? What next – Petrochemical industry, Sugar industry, Fast food industry, Soft drink and energy drink manufacturers, GM seed manufacturers, Palm oil growers? (with their slash and burn policies)?

We are at “the tipping point” in the distribution of the world’s resources and the corporate giants have sown up the banking and finance sectors, the manufacturing and food distribution industries along with the three critical factors for the quality of life to exist as we know it:

1. Food
2. Water
3. Shelter

What can we do if anything to change our preferable future?

  • Each one of us can start by taking personal responsibility for ones own well-being. 
  • Take control back for your health and personal well-being. 
  • Start making decisions over what you put into your body and of those you love. 
  • Stop putting so much “blind faith” into those who are motivated by profit and financial gain. 

It’s naive to assume that what’s on a food label is a guarantee that its specified contents won’t have a detrimental health effect along the path? Few people understand the jargon used on labeling as it is as complicated as those leaflets within your diabetes medication. Your may be staking your quality of life on your conclusion.

I recently contacted a colleague of mine in the nutrition and scientific field. He alerted me to the fact the he has never seen so much money being invested into research on a diet plan as he has seen with the paleo diet!

I wonder why that is?

Who is funding this research and why? Will its findings be honest and without bias? One only needs to watch “The men who made us fat”  to raise some astute observations.

Most of the press I have read is negative and poorly researched, with an alarmist view towards paleoists (if that’s a word). Yet the ethos of Paleolithic foods is “fresh, unprocessed, foods”. Why would that be a concern? Because it doesn't sell product (yet), and there is little profit or control held by the manufacturers, who will have to re-engineer food production from seed to distribution. (eventually they will jump on the bandwagon and produce labels that say paleo, just as they did with less than 3% fat, or Fat free, or Organic. 

It is the common man / woman, making a stand of their life.

Such interest never occurred to me 20 years ago, in fact not until I was diagnosed with failing health. It has been a long journey of discovery, yet one which I had the opportunity to take. Some are not as fortunate.

One cannot get "a little bit pregnant". As with all change, there is an inception, a conception and reception of the finished product. Start at the beginning with a personal revelation of a preferable future and then work backwards from that.

“People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health; and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food”.